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“Hey Raph…” April mumbled sadly, breaking the silence. “Am I going to die?”

Her words, so sudden and calm, took Raph’s breath away. Part of him wanted to shake her and tell her that she couldn’t die. She could never die. She was too important to them, to him. Mikey needed someone to eat his nasty concoctions and laugh along with his terrible jokes. Master Splinter needed someone to fill the hole Miwa left behind. Donnie needed someone who understood him when he talked about all that sciency junk. Leo needed someone to kick him in the ass whenever he got too high and mighty. Raph needed her to…

He just needed her.

“That’s stupid.” Raph barked trying to hide the shaking of his hands. “Of course you’re not going to die. A little cut like that? Psh, that’s nothing. We’re going to take you back to the Lair and Donnie’s going to patch you up. Then he’s gonna hover around nagging you to stay in bed and take your medicine. It’s a fate worse than death, believe me.”

(from amazing fic made by Star!)

So Eleni and I decided that it’s a perfect time to do Raphril Week (her first, my second - maybe this time I’ll finish it :’D). So here it is day one - red. This time something angsty.

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